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The astrological sign of Virgo is linked to people born between August 23 and September 22.

  • Planet:  Mercury
  • Element: Earth
  • Lucky number: 5, 14 and 15
  • Color: Gray
  • Stones: Sapphire
  • Metals: Nickel
  • Season: Summer
  • Preferred Professions: Doctor, Bookseller, Journalist, Statistician

An earth sign that inspires rigor and organization, Virgo is a blend of intelligence, nervousness and logic. Calm and fond of routine, this native is serious in character, striving for perfection and humanity.


Reputed to be methodical and intelligent, Virgos follow their logic when making decisions. Prone to a certain nervousness in their quest for perfection, they have an inveterate attention to detail that is essential to achieving their goals. With this in mind, he can be criticized for being too serious, preventing him from letting go even from time to time.
Virgo Woman. Conscientious and discreet, Virgos have a strong sense of duty and organization. Pleasant company, she knows how to distill her optimism, even if she's anxious by nature, for fear of doing things wrong. Preferring shade to light, this doesn't prevent her from being a reluctant lecturer, which can irritate those around her. Endowed with undeniable qualities of the heart, she doesn't like to do harm. She thinks things through and never makes random decisions.
Virgo Man. The Virgo man also has a strong sense of duty, and loves to be of service. A meticulous worker, he likes to make sure he's safe, and takes no task lightly. Not fond of the unexpected or wasting time, the Virgo native organizes his time and his life to avoid any problems, which is at odds with his dreams of travel and discovery. Honest and attentive, they like to take care of others and don't want to be in the spotlight.


Virgo has no shortage of qualities. Thoughtful and organized, this native loves orderliness and constantly strives for perfection. Eager to learn, they are quick learners, but remain modest and honest. Helpful and generous, they are also very sensitive to the plight of others. Willing and tenacious, they are not easily discouraged.
Virgo Woman. Human and thoughtful, Virgos are sensitive and gentle. Inspiring confidence, she's even considered the most generous and humane of signs. A real quiet force for those close to her, she's a reliable person they can count on. Intelligent, she has an excellent analytical mind.
Virgo Man. Pragmatic and organized, the Virgo man dislikes the unexpected and does everything in his power to avoid unpleasant surprises. Honest and benevolent, he prefers to keep a low profile, while working conscientiously. His ability to concentrate is to be commended, but the quest for perfection can make him a little anxious.


Overly focused on thinking, Virgos always imagine the worst. They are extremely homely, manic and sensitive. This stems from a lack of confidence and a tendency towards paranoia. Liking to create a certain routine, they find it hard to accept change and quibble over the slightest detail.
Virgo Woman. Her very serious character lacks fantasy and madness. The Virgo woman is calm, even too calm. What's more, she's very demanding and needs a lot of attention. Manic, she loves order and organization too much, which prevents her from contemplating the slightest fantasy in her life.
Virgo Man. Rational and calculating, the Virgo man is very rigid and introverted, which gives him a certain coldness, even though he's a very sensitive person. He can also be overly suspicious and cautious, which simply prevents him from expressing his feelings and showing that he's not indifferent.


Loyal and faithful friends, Virgos are people you can count on. Always there for those close to them, they like to take care of them, help them and are good listeners. He's even less demanding of his friends than of himself.
Virgo Woman. Extremely shy, Virgos never make the first move. However, once the bond is established, she proves to be a very endearing person. Ready to do anything for her loved ones, she's sensitive and very caring.
Virgo Man. Like the native of the same sign, the Virgo man is loyal, available to his loved ones and wholehearted in all circumstances. Always ready to lend a helping hand to a friend in need, the Virgo man does everything in his power to solve the problem, with discretion.


Always thinking things through, Virgos even analyze their own behavior and that of their partner in love. So they can't let themselves go. Attracted by their partner's looks, Virgos love aesthetics. Romantic by nature, they love to spend affectionate moments with the one they love.
Virgo Woman. Seducing some men through her fragility, the Virgo woman is seen as an ideal. On the other hand, others can't stand her melancholy and anxieties. She therefore takes advantage of men who would do anything for her, but is always attracted by more distant men. In any case, the native needs a real relationship, romance, but also lots of attention. Possessive when she's in love, she asks herself a lot of questions when her partner doesn't show the symptoms of a passionate lover.
Virgo Man. Romantic and courteous, the Virgo man is a gentleman in front of a woman he likes. It's thanks to his sensitivity that he understands women's thoughts, but he's too shy to make the first move towards a woman unless he feels reassured. Attracted by kind, stable women, he can easily put himself in her shoes thanks to his great sensitivity. When he's in love, he doesn't try to stifle her and, on the contrary, leaves her free to do as she pleases. Faithful and stable, he needs a sincere woman who thinks like he does.


The most compatible signs with friendship to Virgos are : Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Aquarius is compatible in love with : Capricorn; Virgo; Cancer; Taurus; and Pisces.


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