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The astrological sign of Scorpio is linked to people born between October 23 and November 22.

  • Planet: Mars and Pluto
  • Element: Water
  • Lucky number: All multiples of 9
  • Color: Grey, red and dark colors
  • Stones: Ruby ​​and Garnet
  • Metals: Steel and Iron
  • Season: Autumn
  • Favorite Jobs: Policeman, Psychiatrist, Doctor

A clever mix of passion, determination and sincerity, Scorpio likes to get things done by showing tenacity. Symbol of sensuality and rebellious spirit, this sign lives and feels everything to the full, which can sometimes force it to confront others. With as many qualities as defects, this water sign lives in a permanent evolution.


As a water sign, Scorpio wants to be mysterious, keeping his thoughts to himself, but also those of others, whom he will not betray. This sign is also a symbol of calm and serenity, as well as total dedication to the projects he undertakes. The natives of Scorpio are, moreover, linked to everything that touches sensuality, desire and sexuality. They hate being challenged, but also hate dishonesty.
Scorpio Woman. Women of this sign, despite their relative calm, can be recognized by their hyperactive and energetic character. Laziness and idleness are not made for them who like more than anything to feel alive. Another point, they do not often question themselves and have, on the contrary, a great power of persuasion. Charismatic at will, she is determined and sincere, but can also be very resentful, sometimes even having exaggerated reactions to defend herself against disappointments and personal judgments.
Scorpio Man. For his part, the Scorpio man protects appearances above all. As such, he watches over his image and seeks the approval and recognition of others. Ambitious and reckless, he is always in search of forbidden challenges and thrills. Passionate about his projects, he goes to the end of things without limits or dilemmas. He can get offended easily if he doesn't win his case and can even be on edge. He is also sincere and frank with his friends.


Known for their sincerity and responsiveness, Scorpios know how to get out of the worst situations. Not stopping at failure, his mental strength is incredible. An excellent crisis manager, he demonstrates composure and integrity. A frank and loyal friend, he will not hesitate to speak his mind, even at the risk of being hurtful. Listening to his loved ones, he knows how to show discretion. He is also passionate about everything he undertakes, always with absolute enthusiasm and an appetite for life.
Scorpio Woman. Determined and determined, the Scorpio woman lives her ambitions to the full and right to the end of the process. Endowed with a good capacity for analysis, she examines all the possibilities and invests herself 200%, whether for work, friendship or love.
Scorpio Man. Frank and honest, the Scorpio man can bring a lot both in friendship and in love. He is determined and ambitious, which allows him to go after things, whatever his project. Able to bounce back very quickly, he never lets himself down in the face of difficulties.


With all these qualities, be careful however, Scorpio has an explosive character that goes hand in hand with his passionate side. No half measures, it's all black or all white with him. Scorpio can also be aggressive if they feel upset or attacked. In addition, he knows how to use manipulation and strategy to achieve his goals and gain more power. Finally, he can be possessive and dominant in love and in friendship.
Scorpio Woman. Always with the aim of being recognized and going even further, the Scorpio woman can be resentful if we hurt her or if we thwart her in her projects. Dominant and authoritarian, she is quite inflexible in the face of opinions that differ from her own. In love as in friendship, she has few friends, but weaves such a bond that she can easily become jealous.
Scorpio Man. If his determination is a quality, it is also associated with his way of seeing things with intransigence. His frankness and his sincerity prevent him from being a diplomat, which can be hurtful for those around him. As with Scorpio women, he can be jealous in the relationships and bonds he forms.


In terms of friendship, Scorpio is a faithful friend, always ready and attentive to his loved ones. He knows how to keep secrets and is available in case of problems. However, he is very selective in the choice of these friends.
Scorpio Woman. The Scorpio woman does not grant her friendship easily, but when she establishes a bond, it is lasting. However, be careful not to betray her, in which case she will break this link immediately. She particularly appreciates people who can stimulate her and does not support superficial people.
Scorpio Man. In all his relationships, the Scorpio man is true to himself and does not do half measures. If relations with a man of this sign are complicated, due to his desire for recognition, he remains a faithful, frank and devoted friend.


To be in a relationship with a Scorpio, it is essential to show him your support and your faith in him and his passions. A bit like everyone else, but for Scorpio, it's more than vital. Support, even participate, but above all do not restrict him in his activities. Scorpio's alter ego will leave him a piece of secret garden.
Scorpio Woman. For the Scorpio woman, romantic relationships are idealized, but despite the disappointments, she will always try to get out of it. Her alter ego will have to be patient for her to give him some space in her life.
Scorpio Man. For the Scorpio man, his half will have to shine by his physique, but also his mind. She must be stable and optimistic. Scorpio can be possessive at times and not always easy to get along with, but they are sincere and not afraid of commitment.


By affinity by sign, the natives of Scorpio get along particularly well with Aries and Taurus.

Scorpions are compatible in love with:
Capricorn: for a relationship of protection and their freedom of action. Be careful though: these two signs are stubborn, which could create tension.
Cancer: for a relationship based on emotion and intensity, on the condition of gaining the confidence of Cancer, which protects itself naturally.
Virgo: for a spiritual relationship in which the Scorpio, emotional by nature, can bring passion into the life of the native of Virgo, who is more focused on analysis.
Pisces: for an accomplice, magical and protective relationship.


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