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The astrological sign of Sagittarius is linked to people born between November 23 and December 21.

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Element: Fire
  • Lucky number: 1, 5 and 6
  • Color: Violet and Blue
  • Stones: Amethyst
  • Metals: Pewter
  • Favorite Professions: Steward or Air Hostess, Travel Organizer, Language Teacher, International Sales Representative

Full of joy of life and dynamism, Sagittarius is recognized as the most liberated sign. Sincerity, ambition and kindness are his watchwords. A faithful and devoted friend, he dreams of novelty and discovery, always believing in his lucky star…


A clever mix of self-esteem and caring for others, Sagittarius loves discovery, encounters and travel. Their optimism, combined with a certain charisma, can be perceived as arrogance. In order not to tire those around them, Sagittarius must be a little more attentive to others. His open-mindedness is matched only by his quest for wisdom. In other words, Sagittarius is the most liberated and enthusiastic sign.
Sagittarius Woman. Sincere and authentic, the Sagittarius woman remains frank, but makes sure not to hurt anyone. Naturally optimistic, she always communicates in a good mood and remains discreet about her little worries. Independent and reactive, she takes care of herself and knows how to get the positive out of any situation. Having faith in her, novelty and challenges attract her, but the rules bore her. Kind, but not naive, she is close to her friends from whom she expects a lot.
Sagittarius Man. Cheerful and positive, the Sagittarius man prefers to keep the good things in his life. Pleasant to live with, he has many friends who appreciate his company. Optimistic, ambitious and professional, he believes in his lucky star and aspires to achieve his goals. Open-minded, he is a beautiful dreamer who can sometimes be a little gullible and, in fact, manipulable. On the other hand, respecting the rules is not his forte. Sagittarius can be careless and disregard a few rules and etiquettes.


Independent, Sagittarius likes and knows how to get by on their own to succeed in their projects without the need for others. Intelligent and having faith in him, he does what it takes to carry out his initiatives. He is also very present to help his loved ones. A carefree adventurer, he does not project himself into the future and prefers to live life day by day.
Sagittarius Woman. An assertive warrior, the Sagittarius woman is constantly looking for novelty. Open-minded and a fan of her freedom, this adventurer accumulates experiences and takes on life with optimism and energy. Driven by a hunger to learn, she also likes to share her abilities with loved ones. Very generous, she likes to give in love as in friendship.
Sagittarius Man. Generous by nature, the Sagittarius man is an optimist who shows open-mindedness and tolerance. Very easygoing, he takes advantage of the present moment, but tends to procrastinate for many things. Kind and well-meaning, he can make a few mistakes, but never deliberately.


Impatient, Sagittarius needs to see immediate results for all their initiatives. This fire sign has a strong temper and a high and colorful personality, which can prevent him from having constructive relationships at work, for example. His faith in him and his outspokenness can offend, especially since he is rather obstinate. His competitive spirit gives the impression that he is pushy and not very empathetic. He happens to be negligent, but also opportunistic and selfish.
Sagittarius Woman. Despite her qualities, the Sagittarius woman can be unstable, especially in her romantic relationships. Indeed, she does not know how to sit still, open-mindedness being her main credo. She can sometimes be moralistic, which tends to exasperate those around her.
Sagittarius Man. Impulsive and passionate, the Sagittarius man can lack consistency and caution. Addicted to his freedom, his casual attitudes can offend those around him, especially since his stubbornness can lead him to lack tact.


Fun and energetic, Sagittarius is a friend to be seen. This teaser succeeds in making any event joyful and pleasant. The friendship he weaves with certain people is lasting. Nourished with energy, humor and determination, this friendship also allows him to share his knowledge with those close to him and help them in case of need.
Sagittarius Woman. True passion in everything she undertakes, the Sagittarius woman invests herself in the same way in love as in friendship. Very generous, she is ready to give everything for her friends. However, her stubbornness makes her relatively unstable, which can be tiresome for those around her. Fortunately, she also knows how to make sense of things.
Sagittarius Man. Very pleasant to live with, the Sagittarius man knows how to surround himself with people who appreciate his company and his optimism. His open-mindedness allows him to always be there for his loved ones, without judgement. He is ready to help them when needed.


Truly passionate, Sagittarius needs intellectual complicity to ignite a love story. He can thus quickly fall in love, knowing that he will also need a part of escape in the end.
Sagittarius Woman. Open-minded and without prejudice, the Sagittarius woman is attracted to men who are caring, optimistic, sincere and who easily express their feelings. More generally, she prefers to be alone than to be poorly accompanied. Faithful to her convictions, she dreams of a successful family life, but on condition that she also flourishes professionally. His companion will therefore have to accept his need for autonomy and freedom.
Sagittarius Man. If he sometimes lacks tact, the Sagittarius man likes to remain honest and spontaneous. To seduce him, you will have to be good about yourself and not very sensitive. Generous and honest, his optimism makes it possible to escape quarrels. To seduce him, it is essential not to cling to details that seem insignificant to him. The Sagittarius man only focuses on the important points, so much so that he can be careless about the rest. He believes in fidelity and expects complete trust from his partner.


In friendship, Sagittarius gets along very well with Aries and Aquarius, both being true adventurers who will encourage each other in their initiatives.

Sagittarius is compatible in love with:
Aquarius, for his inventiveness;
Libra, for a common vision of life.
Aries and Leo, for a passionate relationship.


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