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The astrological sign of Pisces is linked to people born between January 21 and February 19.

  • Planet: Neptune
  • Element: Water
  • Lucky number: 3, 19 and 24
  • Color: Blue and purple
  • Stones: Aquamarine and Amethyst
  • Metals: Tin
  • Favorite jobs: Psychologist, sophrologist, yoga teacher

A changing personality, a duality between adventure and security, a dreamy and creative spirit… Pisces , under the influence of Neptune, intrigues and arouses mystery. Divided between the real world and the spiritual world, he shows great intuition and heightened sensitivity…


With a changing personality, Pisces is a sensitive and very emotional person. Very intuitive, the native of Pisces guesses what is hidden behind people, based on their feelings. Navigating between two waters, he constantly hesitates between adventure and security. For love, he can sacrifice his ideals, but most of the time lives in a bubble that protects him. Having the well-being of those close to him at heart, he helps them solve their problems out of pure empathy, but for himself, it is necessary to wait until he is pushed to his limits to see him find radical solutions.
Pisces Woman. A great creative dreamer, the Pisces woman is an artist in search of aesthetics. To do this, she likes to navigate between different trends to create a new one that suits her. She weaves original friendly, family and romantic ties. Adept at meditation, she likes to reflect on the world with an open mind, which leads her to be both impressionable and unreasonable. Sometimes capricious, she shows her proud side when she encounters a problem. Sensitive and respectful of others, she does not judge anyone and shows indulgence.
Pisces Man. Introverted and solitary, the Pisces man likes to take refuge in a creative world to express himself, whether it's writing or painting for example. Dreaming of escape, his adventurous side is hampered by the bubble in which he likes to stay. Generous with those close to him, he also sometimes likes to isolate himself out of shyness. Taking all his time to think, he can decide, in certain situations, to denigrate or let himself be influenced. Honest and sincere, the Pisces man is highly valued as a friend.


Pisces has many qualities. Sensitive and concerned about the needs of others, he does his best to help and listen. Delicate and creative, he is comfortable in design and art, all the more so thanks to his overflowing imagination. This authentic native can be very romantic and remains very open-minded.
Pisces Woman. Sensitive and dreamy, the Pisces woman is an artist at heart, endowed with a great creative sense. She is faithful and loyal to her friends as well as her family and companion. Loving to mix genres and styles, she lives in a world of her own that she creates as she goes along. Very cerebral, she is also very surprising, open-minded and respectful of others.
Pisces Man. Understanding and generous, the Pisces man is an imaginative romantic. Covering his loved ones with gifts, he likes to please his loved ones. This circle of friends around him is very small. However, his shyness can lead him, even with his close friends, to sometimes isolate himself or, in any case, not to show it. He tends, moreover, to link his failures to bad luck.


Sometimes lazy, the Pisces needs to be encouraged by others to carry out certain projects. Lacking coherence, it happens that this native gets lost in his actions, to the benefit of the imagination in which he often navigates. Needing strong support from those close to him, he sometimes resorts to self-complaint out of sheer sensitivity. He is also a procrastinator who often allows himself to be influenced, even though his intuition is strong.
Pisces Woman. Very emotional, the Pisces woman can be too dependent on others and can't make decisions. Her sensitivity makes her easily touchy and loses self-confidence. Her great shyness also leads her to stay focused on herself, rather than opening up to the world.
Pisces Man. This very shy person tends to isolate himself to stay in his bubble and his imaginary world. If his dreamy side is a quality, he lacks initiative to realize his aspirations, while he has a very beautiful creativity.


Sensitive and mysterious, Pisces is very endearing and shows great devotion to those close to them. He is committed to making his friends happy and does not hesitate to take action to help them solve their problems. Loyal and faithful, he remains humble, but at the service of his loved ones. Compassionate and sociable, he adapts to the different personalities around him, while being guided by his intuition.
Pisces Woman. His friends can count themselves lucky. The Pisces woman weaves a not insignificant bond with the people she appreciates. Very dedicated, she likes to be of service and to see her friends happy. On the other hand, she must not feel blocked, otherwise she can become capricious.
Pisces Man. Rather introverted, the Pisces man is a faithful friend, even if he sometimes needs to isolate himself, not always being comfortable in the presence of other people, including his friends. He can allow himself to be influenced or, on the contrary, denigrate certain positions that do not correspond to him. He remains, however, honest and sincere.


Romantic and dreamy, Pisces has an ideal vision of love, right up to the ultimate commitment: marriage. As soon as he is in love, the Pisces is gentle, generous and faithful. On the other hand, his fleeing side can return in the event of a conflict.
Pisces Woman. Ideal love in all its splendor… Such is the image that the Pisces woman has of love. The man in her life must give her confidence and compliment her so that she feels good in her relationship and in her life. If she tends to fall in love quickly and become unreasonable, reality quickly catches up with her. Great optimist, she tests the limits of her companion and expects him to give as much as she does. However, as soon as the passion wanes, it tends to move on.
Pisces Man. Mysterious because of his great shyness, the Pisces man intrigues women who try to find out who he is. His great sensitivity and his romantic side plunge him into the image of a perfect and ideal love. He is not afraid of commitment, but hates the conflicts that drive him away. To seduce him, you need an understanding companion, not very talkative and who leaves him all the latitude to dream, to create a solid bond.


Pisces gets along particularly well in friendship with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Virgo.


When it comes to love compatibility between signs, Pisces is compatible with:
Pisces, for ideal compatibility;
Cancer, for solid foundations;
Scorpio, for a very strong attraction.


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