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The astrological sign of Libra is linked to people born between September 23 and October 22.

  • Planet: Venus
  • Element: Air
  • Lucky number: 4 and 6
  • Color: Blue
  • Stones: Diamond and Sapphire
  • Metals: Titanium, Chrome and Copper
  • Season: Autumn
  • Preferred Professions: Law, Journalism, Associative Professions

Air sign, under the influence of Venus, the astrological sign Libra likes to please while maintaining its autonomy. Naturally cordial, sincere and joyful, the natives of Libra are a mixture of ambiguities, all to the benefit of the charm they know how to show to please everyone and be appreciated at their true value.


A symbol of charm and harmony, the natives of Libra are known to be excellent conciliators. They like peace and social ties and, finally, it is not insignificant if they like to play their role of referee. Having at heart that everyone feels good, they hate conflict and seek to please in all circumstances. This air sign particularly appreciates the aesthetics of both him and those around him. However, by dint of wanting to please everyone, he can be too much in the compromise, which gives the feeling that he does not always know what he wants...
Libra Woman. Mysterious and inaccessible, the woman of the astrological sign Libra likes to charm while cultivating her ambiguities. Both courteous and tough, conciliatory and intolerant depending on the circumstances, she navigates between two emotional fires. His optimism for certain subjects is matched only by his defeatism for others. This idealist has a highly developed sense of family and proves to be very good advice for those close to her, while she can become very indecisive when it comes to her.
Libra Man. Having communication in his skin, the Libra man knows how to adapt to different characters, from the most flexible to the most difficult. Very subtly, he can achieve his ends by using manipulation and flattery to lead people where he wants. Playing with his charm, of which he is fully aware, he sometimes likes to show off and needs people who admire him. Elegant and very courteous, he loves aesthetics and takes care of his image as such. Like the Libra woman, emotional stability is not there and he can swing between laughter and sadness at different times of the day. On the other hand, on the professional side, he is always very efficient and constant.


The natives of Libra are full of qualities. First of all, they are people full of joie de vivre and, like any teaser, they like to spread this good humor to their loved ones. This allows them to interact with people more easily. Another quality, the native of Libra knows how to be tactful and will make sure not to create embarrassment for anyone. Their great sensitivity leads them to avoid discussing unpleasant subjects so as not to offend anyone. The natives of Libra are also great romantics as soon as they feel good with a person. Their charm makes them incredibly and instinctively endearing.

Very patient, they do not throw themselves into the arms of the first comer and prefer to wait for the right person. Absolutely no grudges, they always give people who hurt them another chance, but always learn from their mistakes. Ardent defenders and seasoned diplomats, they have a sharp sense of justice and always defend people in difficulty. Finally, it is better not to underestimate their intelligence. Very attentive to details, they like to observe the world, memorizing what they see so that nothing escapes them.

Libra Woman. Playing on her charm with those around her, the woman of the astrological sign Libra shows incredible optimism for certain subjects. Conciliatory and very pleasant, she likes to please those close to her, while displaying a sharp sense of justice and morality. It protects the ties it establishes, both at family and friendship level. She is an excellent adviser and plays her role as an arbiter wonderfully.
Libra Man. Man of communication, the Libra man adapts to all and to all circumstances. He likes to please, to please and above all, not to offend anyone. His charm makes the Libra man all the more endearing because he shows courtesy and elegance. Passionate about aesthetics, he is also very professional at work.


By nature, Libra is indecisive and prefers to let others take the initiative. For fear of offending his loved ones, the native of Libra does not like to impose anything. It also nourishes its various contradictions. His adventurous spirit goes against his fear of taking risks. Clearly lacking in self-confidence, he finds it difficult to assert himself and prefers to follow rather than initiate. Very sensitive, he can get offended easily, especially if he is asked to change something in his attitude, when he does precisely everything possible to please everyone.
Libra Woman. As much as the woman of the Libra astrological sign can be cordial and conciliatory, she can be harsh and show intolerance in certain cases. Lacking emotional consistency, the Libra native also suffers from a lack of confidence and can be very indecisive when faced with certain choices.
Libra Man. To please everyone, the Libra man may have to flatter people so as not to offend them. He likes to use his charm to stay the center of attention and restore his self-confidence. He easily delegates tasks that he considers uninteresting. Finally, his great sensitivity can lead him to be less emotionally constant.


The natives of Libra are golden friends. Always ready to help and please their loved ones, they demonstrate a great friendly spirit and an undeniable joie de vivre. Excellent mediators, they like to settle conflicts so that everyone feels good. They are also excellent advisers for their friends.
Libra Woman. If the Libra woman is very sociable, she does not confide easily. Thus, she has few friends, but many acquaintances. To be friends with a Libra woman is to have a connection with a reliable, trustworthy person who will do everything for the well-being of her loved ones.
Libra Man. Attracted by people who demonstrate intellect and artistic sense, the Libra man is a clever mix of charm, generosity and open-mindedness. This bon vivant likes his friends to feel good. Ready to give advice to those close to him if necessary, he seeks above all sincerity and communication.


Dominated by the planet of love, Venus, Libra needs to be loved and to live together. Romantic by nature, the native of Libra needs love to move forward and find inner harmony. Playing with his charm to please, he needs gentleness, attention and a clever mix of a relationship of dependence and freedom.
Libra Woman. To please a Libra woman, you have to be caring, generous and know how to stand up. Needing love in her life, it is difficult for her to live alone, just as it is difficult for her not to have a minimum of freedom. It is therefore necessary to establish a relationship of trust with her, devoid of jealousy and mistrust. She takes all her confidence in her relationship with men and even shows passion to impress her partner.
Libra Man. Also charming, the Libra man likes to seduce and places his balance on love. He can however fall in love several times, like an artichoke heart, at least until he stabilizes in his relationship. This romantic believes, no matter what, in true and great love. To please the native of Libra, you must not show jealousy or possessiveness. Clinging to his freedom, he couldn't stand this feeling of being imprisoned in a relationship.


The native of Libra gets along particularly well with Aries, with whom he has complementary affinities. A native Virgo friend gives him the opportunity to talk for hours, while a Capricorn friend will allow him to set up big plans. Also very sensitive, a Pisces friend will allow him to live beautiful experiences.

Different signs are compatible in love with the native of Libra:
Aquarius, for a lasting relationship;
Leo, for a constructive relationship;
Cancer, for a torrid relationship;
Gemini, for an unforgettable relationship.


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