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The astrological sign of Leo is linked to people born between July 23 and August 22.

  • Planet: Sun
  • Element: Fire
  • Lucky number: 8 and 9
  • Color: Yellow and Gold
  • Stones: Diamond and Coral
  • Metals: Gold and Silver
  • Preferred Professions: Producer, Military, Trader, Model…

It is ruled by the Sun and fire that Leo is most powerful. Like a king and his court, Leo loves to be admired and the object of attention. Loyal and warm-hearted, they also like to show a chivalrous spirit for those who are more fragile, and an immense will to succeed…


Leo likes to live surrounded by people, admired by all, like a king and his court. They like to stand out from the crowd, to be singled out for special treatment, and won't hesitate to dismiss anyone who stands in their way. As loyal as they are warm-hearted and honest, Leo natives do their utmost to succeed and hold on to power. A fighter in search of success, he's tenacious in all he does, convinced that he's the only one who can achieve perfection. Unable to tolerate failure, Leos don't delegate easily, love to command and seek recognition above all else. This passionate person is nonetheless endearing, even if his excessive moods have to be managed.
Leo Woman. Behind her star-like appearance, the Leo woman loves to fascinate and dazzle those around her. She can be extravagant and theatrical, but she can't stand criticism and is very proud. In search of recognition, she'll do anything to surpass herself and make the most of herself. Generous, she likes to please those close to her, has a strong sense of morality and a taste for tradition. However, this independent person creates her own laws and follows her own logic.
Leo Man. Chivalrous by nature, the Leo man is a skillful blend of charm and power. He has difficulty understanding human reactions that don't go his way. This naturally authoritarian man likes to lead without being tyrannical. He's also a great dreamer, idealistic and proud, who likes to carry out big projects with courage and honesty. He tends to protect weaker people.


Sincere and loyal, Leos are honest and protective of the most vulnerable. They like to instill confidence in those around them. Overflowing with energy, they express themselves without difficulty and have a steely mind to carry out their projects. Generous and passionate, they spread their zest for life wherever they go.
Leo Woman. Positive and generous, the Leo woman is a dynamic person who leaves no one indifferent. A lover of humor and a source of inspiration to those around her, she's as generous as she is ambitious. She gives freely of her time and loves to share her know-how.
Leo Man. Courageous by nature, the Leo man is also a generous person. If he likes to protect fragile people, he can sometimes lack sensitivity when faced with positions and opinions that differ from his own, but always seeks simplicity and kindness. Behind this will to power and power lies a beautiful sensitivity.


Power often attracts jealousy. Labeled manipulative and arrogant, Leo can be inflexible, authoritarian and overconfident. They like to make those around them jealous, and can be megalomaniacs, egocentric and touchy if they feel they're not shining. As the gaze of others is important, Leo dislikes humility and seeks recognition.
Leo Woman. While she may possess genuine qualities, the Leo woman also has an oversized ego, linked to her successes. As a result, she loves to boast and displays a certain vanity. This is all the more evident as this adept of luxury likes to show off her finery.
Leo Man. Always in search of admiration, the Leo man loves sincere and open flattery. Loving to be the center of attention, he may even show his attachment by giving gifts, for example. Conceited and arrogant by nature, he feels he must set an example, sometimes even with a certain authority.


Honest and benevolent, Leos know how to stimulate those close to them, even if it means teaming up with them to carry out major projects. On the other hand, to remain a faithful friend, they need the same admiration for themselves from those around them.
Leo Woman. Always positive, the Leo woman likes to instill good vibes in those around her. Extremely sociable, she loves to be surrounded by loyal friends, even if she is above all an independent person. Her generosity makes her a loyal friend.
Leo Man. The Leo man may like to shine, but he's nonetheless a genuine and loyal friend. Very generous, he has no difficulty showing affection for those close to him, and will always try to pull them up by their bootstraps.


Leo in love is creative! Yes, he likes to leave no one indifferent and knows how to be inventive to achieve his ends. But they're also naïve, and their self-confidence can lead to overconfidence. In any case, he's a warm, romantic person who loves to pamper as much as to be loved.
Leo Woman. To seduce a Leo woman, you need to know how to use the right balance. Her partner must be both undemonstrative and admiring. She likes men who are independent, insensitive, even less jealous and not at all possessive! The Leo native often has a modern vision of the couple, one based on its own rules.
Leo Man. To seduce a Leo man, it's best not to beat about the bush! No matter how shy he is, a Leo man's companion needs to attract his attention. The Leo man in love can be romantic and affectionate, but still needs to seduce while remaining faithful to him. It's best for her not to be jealous. If he finds the woman of his dreams, in this case the perfect woman, he can, on the other hand, become possessive and dominant. He's looking for a simple, beautiful and intuitive personality to understand him.


The signs most compatible with Leo in friendship are Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Aquarius and Pisces.

Leo is compatible in love with :
Gemini, for a very happy relationship
Cancer, for a soul mate
Libra, for a beautiful love story
Sagittarius, for a déjà vu relationship in another life...


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