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The astrological sign of Gemini is linked to people born between May 22 and June 21.

  • Planet: Mercury
  • Season: Spring
  • Element: Air
  • Lucky number: 6, 9 and 19
  • Color: Red and Brown
  • Stones: Tiger’s eye, Amber and Agate
  • Metals: Mercury
  • Chosen professions: Journalist, Author, Translator-Interpreter

The third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, under the influence of Mercury and Air, its element, is a skillful blend of the cerebral and the passionate. Curious about life and attached to its freedom, the Gemini native nurtures its ambiguities and loves to play with and on words. But above all, they love mystery….


Known for their constantly sharp mind, Geminis love to learn as much as they love to understand everything about life. Their curiosity and knowledge make them stand out from the crowd. A passionate sign, he often lacks concentration, may miss opportunities, but quickly moves on to other things. Gemini natives love constant movement. Equally renowned for his communication skills, he proves adept even in difficult situations, and can even baffle those around him. Influenced by Mercury, he adapts to all situations, even if he can be quite versatile. Among his preferred values, friendship and love are essential. His verbal jousting is his weapon of seduction, but always with a view to making people happy. He values his freedom and is not keen on commitment. New technologies, games and writing are his passions. Finally, he likes to convey a certain mystery.
Gemini Woman. The Gemini woman is a cheerful, convivial idealist who loves to seduce. Elegant and a stickler for detail, she loves to show off in a good mood and energetic atmosphere. An essential element at work, she's always in a hurry, but keeps time under control and maintains a practical mind. Very sociable, she puts people at ease.
Gemini Man. Gifted with an analytical mind, the Gemini man feeds his intellect and likes to find solutions to all questions that arise. Cultivated and open-minded, he's particularly meticulous and anti-routine. Unreceptive, he's not much of a communicator and has trouble reaching out to others. Fragile and strong, he hides his sensitivity behind a distant, distrustful attitude. Anxious very easily, the Gemini man needs to feel loved. When he can express his sensitivity, he can be recognized as an artist.


Curious and sociable, Gemini easily attracts others thanks to its passionate nature. He adapts to all situations and demonstrates insight and intelligence. This cerebral player combines humor and good words. He's at ease in writing and can play on his eloquence.
Gemini Woman. A master of communication, the Gemini woman is always very attentive to others. With a smile on her face, she instills good humor and energy in those around her. With a practical mind, she easily builds relationships by putting those around her at ease.
Gemini Man. Cultured and dynamic, the Gemini man is both intellectual and cerebral. Very open-minded, he likes to discover and is very meticulous in his various projects. His sensitivity makes him a great artist. A loyal friend, he knows how to be present and keep secrets.


Perceived as an outright liar, Geminis actually seek to adapt to all circumstances and make reality more beautiful. Overall, Geminis can be scattered and fickle. They can't concentrate on a single idea, and don't hesitate to lie when the situation calls for it. This earns him the reputation of being superficial and even dangerous to his "prey".
Gemini Woman. Despite her sincerity, the Gemini woman can become a very good liar, but only to defend herself when she feels held back in one way or another. When she doesn't like someone, she becomes sarcastic.
Gemini Man. The Gemini man is difficult to trust. Anxious and distrustful, he can become envious and pessimistic over time. He's not easy to pin down, and when faced with different projects, he'll find it hard to concentrate on a single quest.


Flexible, clever and full of dynamism, Geminis are reliable friends to those with whom they have forged a lasting bond. As helpful as they are talkative, Geminis can be indiscreet and prone to irony. As superficial as he can be with those around him, he can quickly become a troublemaker in certain circumstances.
Gemini Woman. A veritable emotional melting pot, the Gemini woman never forgets to be a reliable friend. She loves to meet people, she loves to host parties, but despite a large circle of friends, the Gemini woman's true friends can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Her friends can count on her loyalty, just as she can count on theirs.
Gemini Man. A loyal and faithful friend, the Gemini man knows how to listen to his loved ones, give them advice and keep secrets. He'll never do the slightest trick to someone he truly appreciates. Being a loner at heart, he relies on quality, not quantity. That's why the number of his true friends is limited to just a few.


Fiery and adept at renewal, Geminis abhor routine. What's more, they loathe tranquillity and solitude. For him, things have to move! Very endearing, those close to him never get bored.
Gemini Woman. If she sometimes seems fickle, the Gemini woman is ready to get attached to someone, but not just anyone. In search of the ideal man, she hates wasting time. A realistic sentimentalist, she will only take the risk if the man in question deserves it. Faithful but not jealous, she looks for a companion who will protect her and can be quite demanding. In particular, she can't stand silence and needs to communicate. Very sensitive, she needs a lot of attention.
Gemini Man. Attracting his prey by playing on his knowledge, but also by his fragility and weaknesses, the Gemini man will be seduced by a reassuring and caring woman. Trust is crucial to a serious relationship, as is surprise. The Gemini man hates routine and also needs someone to support him. To seduce him, this woman needs to be able to bridge the gap between him and his friends. When he's in love, he becomes attentive, admiring and generous towards his partner.


In friendship, Gemini gets along particularly well with another person of the same sign, but also with Cancer, Leo and Libra.

The signs most love compatible with Gemini natives are Aquarius, Aries, Libra, Sagittarius and Leo.


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