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The astrological sign of Capricorn is linked to people born between December 22 and January 20.

  • Planet: Saturn
  • Element: Earth
  • Lucky number: 5, 8 and 16
  • Color: Red and black
  • Stones: Jet and Onyx

Under the influence of Saturn, Capricorn is governed by the star of reflection and prudence. Moderation and wisdom are his key words and his logic is implacable. Very ambitious, he sees his projects through to completion with a lucid and tenacious spirit.


Concrete... organization... self-control and benchmarks... These are the first signs to recognize a Capricorn. This earth sign likes coordinated and structured projects. Besides his serious side, he is relatively shy, even solitary, which can give him a cold and distant side, but in reality, it is his way of protecting himself in his relationship with others at the beginning. He is particularly concerned about his safety and about family and traditional values. Under the astrological influence of Saturn, Capricorn experiences various restrictions, but these allow certain ideas to be realized. Always very reasonable, this sign saves for its future and does whatever it takes to achieve its goals. His combativeness earned him the ability to bounce back and get out of difficulties on his own. On the other hand, he has difficulty accepting the differences of the people around him and tends to want to control everything.
Capricorn Woman. Ambitious, persistent and cautious, the Capricorn woman likes to be well organized. She sometimes lacks tolerance, but keeps her commitments and has a sense of responsibility. Extremely reliable, those around her can count on her, but she has a tendency to control everything she can control. The Capricorn woman can seem distant, even unsympathetic from the outside, because she does not mix easily with others.
Capricorn Man. Cold in appearance, the Capricorn man is, in reality, very sensitive. Like the Capricorn woman, he likes things organized and clear. Discipline and perseverance are, for him, two essential values ​​to deal with any situation. Extremely shy, he does not confide easily and can seem distant. But he can also show his sensitivity to the person who manages to accept him as he is. This earned him to be a faithful and sincere friend. On the other hand, he is also stubborn and touchy.


Capricorns are highly valued for their qualities, including determination, discipline and wisdom. A serious and reliable worker, they are very loyal and faithful to their commitments. Always ready to be of service, he's always there for those close to him. Finally, he's a master in the art of organization and calculating the smallest detail.
Capricorn Woman. Ambitious and determined, Capricorn women know what they want and follow through. She has the patience to see her projects through, no matter how long it takes to bring them to fruition. Sincere towards those closest to her, she is always loyal and benevolent, even if from the outside she may appear cold and haughty.
Capricorn Man. Determined and honest, the Capricorn man has faith in himself, without overestimating himself. To function well, he replaces the rules established by society with his own. Very serious, he never makes false promises, loves honesty and can be discreet about the secrets entrusted to him. He is therefore perceived as reliable by his friends. Efficient and organized, he's particularly appreciated in the business world.


Considered the most serious sign, Capricorn's hard-working nature can make them less empathetic and more taciturn. A relative pessimist, Capricorn always imagines the worst. They wallow in their own misfortune, which can be tiresome for those around them. Extremely thrifty, they don't always make the most of the money they earn, and remain focused on their inner world. Finally, he can appear cold and insensitive.
Capricorn Woman. Her qualities are worth her faults. The Capricorn woman is ambitious, but this also makes her negative, even pessimistic. She's as demanding of herself as she is of those around her, and can be very arrogant. Not very demonstrative, she can sometimes be superficial.
Capricorn Man. Reserved and cautious, Capricorn men hide their fragility behind their relative coldness. For this reason, he's relatively austere and cold, even devoid of empathy. He has little openness to those around him, and can appear elusive. Considered individualistic and distrustful, he can be taciturn and resentful.


Capricorns are reliable and faithful friends. He doesn't have many friends, but those who have managed to break through his shell have his full confidence and his presence in case of need. His pessimism may weary those around him, but no matter what, he knows how to listen, keep secrets and support those close to him if the situation calls for it.
Capricorn Woman. In friendship as in love, the Capricorn woman is immediately very cold and distant. This makes it difficult to forge a friendly bond, unless you can get past this first hurdle. Sincere and loyal, she knows how to help her friends when they need it. Somewhat opportunistic, even superficial, she surrounds herself with friends who know the right people.
Capricorn Man. Shy, even disagreeable, the Capricorn man appears to be an individualist. Those lucky enough to win his favor can count on his honesty and loyalty. On the other hand, it's best not to betray him, as his memory makes him very resentful if need be.


Considered a hermit, Capricorns have a particular need for solitude that can keep them away from everyone. Their sensitivity is hidden behind a layer of coldness to avoid being hurt. You have to be able to break through this shell to get him to trust you. When you do, he immediately becomes very attentive and warm. This partner remains demanding, however, and leaves nothing to chance. He likes to receive as much as he gives.
Capricorn Woman. For the Capricorn woman, revealing herself is dangerous, which is why she systematically distances herself from others. Very selective, she doesn't fall in love very easily. On the other hand, if she does become attached to someone, it's for the long haul. The Capricorn woman in love becomes very affectionate and faithful, but can be jealous and possessive.
Capricorn Man. To seduce a Capricorn man, it's best to give him space and time. The Capricorn native loves humor, honesty, calm and nature. But he's also attracted by women who are generous, glamorous, full of joie de vivre and exhilarating. When in love, he can be passionate and sensual, but only in private. He's very loyal and keeps his commitments.


Capricorns get on particularly well with people of the same sign as themselves, for a perfect friendship, with Taurus, for its responsible side, and with Virgo.

When it comes to love compatibility between signs, Capricorn is compatible with : Capricorn; Taurus; Virgo.


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