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The astrological sign of Cancer is linked to people born between June 22 and July 22.

  • Planet: Moon
  • Element: Water
  • Lucky number: 7, 13 and 3
  • Color: Pearl gray and white
  • Stones: Fine stone and Opal
  • Metals: Silver
  • Season: Summer

Sensitive, caring and self-reliant, Cancerians are boundlessly loyal to their loved ones. Totally dependent on others for emotional support, they remain very discreet and introverted, but open and non-judgmental towards family and friends.


Intelligent and organized, Cancer is a blend of intuition, emotion and sensitivity. Very attached to those closest to them, Cancer is a real support to their family. However, they remain the most difficult sign to understand, as their sensitivity prevents them from confiding too much. Loyal and empathetic, they understand the suffering of others and like to help them. Self-reliant and persevering, they depend on those around them for emotional and friendly support. He also needs to feel useful.
Cancer Woman. Cancer women don't like to draw attention to themselves, even if they're aware of their seductive powers. Gifted with great sensitivity, she's discreet and cautious, and feels truly at ease in her family cocoon. Tolerant, generous and open-minded, she doesn't judge anyone, which is why she has many friends. She likes to please those close to her, but can be easily upset by details. Her artistic sense allows her to shine in certain disciplines, but she's too discreet to show it.
Cancer Man. The Cancer man is above all cautious and needs security. He's also discreet, for fear of ridicule. Committed to his image, he doesn't like to feel uncomfortable. He prefers to stay with his loved ones, respects traditions and can be nostalgic. But he's not a pessimist. On the contrary, he knows how to be cheerful and outgoing when in the company of loved ones. He likes routine, which makes his life more balanced.


Cancer has no shortage of qualities. Their benevolent spirit leads them to be protective, helpful and generous. Affectionate, they'll do anything for the well-being of their loved ones, to avoid any source of conflict. Creative and imaginative, they are particularly committed to the projects they manage.
Cancer Woman. Faithful and calm, Cancer women are reliable and reassuring to their loved ones. Loyal and altruistic, she shows integrity and will always be there for her friends and family. She's also very creative, and always brimming with new ideas.
Cancer Man. Understanding and tender, Cancer men know how to soothe and calm their loved ones in difficulty. His protective spirit and affection, which come from his ability to feel suffering, are a sure bet for him, his family and friends. Despite his great discretion, he always gets his way.


Their great sensitivity sometimes leads them to become touchy, which is all the more annoying as they can also suffer from mood swings. As much as he does everything for the well-being of his loved ones, it's best not to betray him, as he can be very resentful and incisive. Very discreet, he prefers to stay in the background rather than feel ridiculous.
Cancer Woman. She can sometimes let her emotions get the better of her, whatever the context. When this happens, Cancer women can become short-tempered, touchy and immature. This is why she can tend to be distrustful, even negative and nostalgic.
Cancer Man. Hypersensitive, the Cancer man can be very suggestible due to his constant indecision. He can also be relatively permeable in certain situations. His moody side can also exasperate those around him, as he can be prone to mood swings.


Cancer is a good friend par excellence. Those close to them like to confide in them and listen to their sound advice. Because Cancer is concerned by the difficulties of its family and friends, it feels their suffering and likes to be able to bring them well-being. He also knows how to entertain them and show great hospitality. To get along with Cancer, you need to be as loyal and devoted as they are, inspiring confidence and optimism.
Cancer Woman. Whether in love or friendship, the Cancer woman invests herself fully. If you win her trust, she'll consider you part of her family. Loyal and faithful, she's sincere. On the other hand, her great sensitivity can play tricks on her and cause her to become edgy.
Cancer Man. In the same way, the Cancer man is a reliable friend who's concerned about the lives of his loved ones. Committed to the well-being of his friends, this confidant knows how to listen and offer advice. But be careful: he likes it both ways, and if he's demanding of himself, he's also demanding of his friends.


Nurturing a true emotional dependence, Cancerians are very attached to the family cocoon and the comfort of a home. To seduce Cancer, you'll need to share these values, while reassuring and protecting them. This hypersensitive romantic can seduce with his charm and delicacy, but remains introverted and has difficulty expressing his emotions.
Cancer Woman. Optimistic and idealistic about her vision of love, the Cancer woman loves to share romantic moments. On the other hand, once a relationship becomes solid, Cancer women can become capricious. Expecting attention, kindness and investment from her partner, the Cancer native seeks presence and support. If in doubt about her partner's fidelity, she'll discreetly investigate. She can also be emotionally unpredictable when she takes certain issues too much to heart.
Cancer Man. In search of stability, the Cancer man is not afraid of commitment as long as he feels loved. For this, he needs a balanced woman who shares his values, both in terms of family and building a relationship. Faithful and loyal, he can project himself into the future with his partner, but in the event of disappointment, it will be difficult for him to move forward. That's why, despite his desires, he needs reassurance. Thoughtful and understanding, he'll give his full attention to his partner.


Cancer gets along particularly well with Scorpio, thanks to a variety of shared experiences. A friendship with a Leo will help them develop professionally. Finally, a friendship with a person of the same sign will help maintain strong ties.

Cancer is compatible with :
Taurus, for a solid relationship ;
Virgo, for a harmonious relationship;
Libra, for a gentle relationship.


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