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The astrological sign of Aquarius is linked to people born between January 21 and February 19.

  • Planet: Uranus
  • Element: Air
  • Lucky number: 10, 13 and 27
  • Color: Blue, Gray and Dark Red
  • Stones: Angelite and Garnet
  • Metals: Uranium and Aluminum
  • Favorite professions: Teaching, social or humanitarian worker, scientific research

Extravagant, brilliant, annoying… Aquarius is a person who cannot leave anyone indifferent. Some admire his knowledge and ideas on the margins of society; others are exasperated by his posture, which is always too marginal and withdrawn from those around him… But whatever the posture, everyone recognizes the very atypical character of Aquarius…


With a brilliant mind, Aquarius combines intelligence and intuition in their reasoning. Behind an apparent coldness hides a great sensitivity. His rebellious spirit made him attracted to great causes. A faithful friend and instilling good humor, his friends cannot be bored in his company, even if, moreover, his smug side can exasperate those around him. He does need recognition and friends with an atypical personality. Not very materialistic, he especially likes his freedom. Utopian and eccentric in certain situations, he is also constant in his relationships.
Aquarius Woman. By dint of showing off rather than showing who she really is, the Aquarius woman can often get lost. However, this independent woman likes to show that she knows how to manage on her own, even if this causes her to become aggressive. Very inventive, she finds solutions to achieve her goals. On the other hand, she has difficulty supporting the hierarchical relationships she provokes without hesitation. The Aquarius woman is also cheerful and easy-going, but she finds it difficult to confide her feelings. Not very demonstrative, she is nevertheless very sensitive.
Aquarius Man. Filled with paradoxes, the Aquarius man accumulates contradictions: talkative, but rarely exchanging; very understanding, but not very compassionate; not very gifted in human relations, but visionary on this subject… Beyond that, he likes to prove that he is right and bends with difficulty to different minds. He has the soul of an entrepreneur to control his life. Never resting on his achievements, he must learn to respect others in order to move forward.


Recognized for their qualities in terms of innovation, originality and humanism, Aquarius likes to stand out and shows a certain non-conformism. His sense of solidarity allows him to fight for his ideas. Loyal and courteous, he is a real support for loved ones who need to confide.
Aquarius Woman. Independent and a fan of freedom, the Aquarius woman counts only on herself while waiting for a real relationship of trust and benevolence. Neither jealous nor possessive, she needs a like-minded companion. Original and truly spontaneous, this native leaves no one indifferent. Free, adventurous, eager for knowledge, she likes to open her mind and lets her creativity sail as she pleases.
Aquarius Man. Full of paradoxes and intelligent, the Aquarius man rejoices in the happiness of others, but without them overshadowing him. Unsentimental, he is often judged as someone who is very hard on others, but this hides a greater sensitivity than he can show to avoid becoming vulnerable. Curious about everything, he tries to remain objective in order to think more freely about the subjects that concern him. Inventive and a perfectionist, he marvels at novelties and the resulting possibilities.


Moderation is not the forte of Aquarius who can express a certain nervousness, eccentricity and whims. Self-sufficient, he often irritates those close to him who, to allow him to flourish, must remain patient. Refusing the conventional, this whimsical avant-garde cannot be mastered. He will do anything to attract attention, but immediately changes his mind. Not very consistent, he quickly becomes irritable, considering that he is the only one to be right.
Aquarius Woman. Independent to the point of plunging her loved ones into incomprehension, the Aquarius woman is unstable and unrealistic. This dreamer has little idea of ​​her surroundings and is arrogant towards others.
Aquarius Man. Not very compassionate and not very open to others, the Aquarius man is hardly made for serene human relationships. He subscribes too much to his own ideas to tolerate those of others, considering that he is necessarily right.


Despite his eccentricity, Aquarius remains a friendly and upright person. His fantasies can amuse those close to him who see him as an ingenious and laid-back person. However, this individualist is often dismissive and defiant. Really unpredictable, it is difficult to count on him.
Aquarius Woman. Truly independent, the Aquarius woman is difficult to pin down, both in love and in friendship. This sociable native, however, has no difficulty meeting people, especially people who are able to hold intellectual conversations. She also remains very attached to her friends.
Aquarius Man. The Aquarius man loves his friends and, if he didn't care to conceal his sensitivity, he would probably not be accused of being unsentimental. In reality, he is inhabited by several contradictions and, even if he is intelligent and really happy for the happiness of his loved ones, he cannot show it.


Honest, free and loyal, Aquarius is very attractive thanks to its independence. This native is looking for a relationship that leaves him a certain freedom, just as he likes to leave one to his partner. When in love, this cerebral like to be inventive and eccentric.
Aquarius Woman. Independent, the Aquarius woman likes relationships that do not imprison. Neither jealous nor possessive, she is looking for a partner who fits in the same posture, while supporting her and trusting her. To seduce her, you have to show curiosity and mystery, remain independent and sure of yourself. In reality, you should know that, behind her strong and eccentric character, the Aquarius woman is very shy who needs to be reassured.
Aquarius Man. Difficult to define, the Aquarius man likes to play with women by infusing them with as much hot as cold, which can be very destabilizing. Having a tendency to run away from all attachment, he hates routine and seeks the Spark with a capital "E". To seduce him, his companion must be independent, intelligent and free.


The signs compatible in friendship with Aquarius are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces and Aquarius.

When it comes to love compatibility between signs, Aquarius is compatible with: Gemini; Leo; Libra; and Sagittarius


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