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Specialization: Well-being, Self Development, Legal Advices,

Experience: 21 Years

For 21+ years, Tera has had the pleasure of coaching adults and youth of all ages. Her coaching approach, calm demeanor, and thought-provoking questioning accompanies her clients on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and self-actualization. As a life-long learner who seeks constant positive growth, Tera enjoys helping others evolve, both personally and professionally, by serving as a certified life coach, educator, facilitation consultant, and master Reiki specialist. When Tera is not coaching, she passionately serves as an educator and family advocate. She lends her expertise to a phenomenal team of attorneys who specialize in litigation for underprivileged children who are served in special education programs. For fun, Tera enjoys nature walks, traveling, karaoke, comedy, and spending time with family. Most of all, she just loves to laugh and inspire. If you think Tera would be a good match for you, please feel free to reach out to her. In the meantime, keep working toward accomplishing each and every solitary goal you've made for yourself. You can do It! Much Love ❤️


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How do I find a good lawyer?

MeetCoach coaches assist individuals in finding a good lawyer by providing personalized guidance and support. Coaches help individuals assess their legal needs and understand the specific requirements of their case. They offer advice on researching and selecting reputable lawyers, evaluating their qualifications and experience, and understanding the legal process. Coaches may provide referrals to trusted legal professionals or offer insights on how to effectively communicate and collaborate with a lawyer. Through one-on-one consultations, individuals receive support, guidance, and practical strategies to find a good lawyer who can meet their legal needs effectively.