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Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform features certified coaches available online to assist you. You can view their profiles for free and use your free $10 for initial sessions. Rates vary based on the coach's methods and specializations.

We prioritize your privacy with robust encryption protocols to protect personal information and secure communications.

Absolutely! MeetCoach is a global platform, offering access to coaches from around the world. This feature allows you to benefit from diverse expertise and perspectives, regardless of geographic location.

To sign up with MeetCoach, visit our website at and click on "Sign Up" The process is straightforward and free. New users receive free $10 as complementary for their initial session, providing a perfect opportunity to explore our coaching services without any cost.

Yes! Once logged in, go on the coach profile to book a session with your coach. It’s free. You can see his calendar and book the slot you would prefer.

MeetCoach offers various communication methods, including voice, video, and chat. This flexibility ensures you can connect with coaches in the most convenient and effective manner for you.

Visit and click on the “All Coaches” or browse “Category” wise coaches as per your preference. Our site offers an extensive list of registered coaches, filterable by name or category for a personalized search experience. You can simply pre-book an available session or instantly call, video or chat with the coaches.

A coach's availability is indicated on their profile thumbnail as “Online.” This feature ensures clear communication and helps you align your schedule with the coach’s.

New users receive free $10 at the time of signing up. User can use this free balance to consult with any coaches up to 10 minutes. For additional sessions, you can Top Up from “Price” page. Our secure payment process allows you to top up easily, adding them to your MeetCoach Balance for future use.

Cancel a session is free. You can communicate directly with your coach to reschedule another session with him.

Use MeetCoach’s confidential messaging platform for all pre- and post-session communications. Simply navigate to “My Messages,” search for your coach, and send your message.

Yes, MeetCoach encourages user reviews post-session. You can submit your review immediately or later from your Session History page, helping maintain the quality of our coaching services.

MeetCoach is accessible on various devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Just connect to the internet and visit for a seamless coaching experience.

Log into your MeetCoach account and navigate to the “My Session History” page. Here, you can review details of your previous sessions, aiding in tracking your coaching progress.

If technical challenges arise, MeetCoach’s customer support team is available to provide assistance and troubleshooting, ensuring a smooth coaching experience.

Coaches on MeetCoach may have different refund policies. Check these before your session and contact the Coach or MeetCoach support for any refund inquiries.

To update your profile, log in and navigate to your profile settings, where you can edit your personal information.

While specializing in one-on-one sessions, MeetCoach also offers group sessions via Live Events with certain coaches, providing a shared and interactive consulting experience.

To protect privacy, sessions are not automatically recorded. Review your past sessions through your dashboard, and if necessary, request session recordings by coordinating with your Coach or MeetCoach support.

If you have any issues with a Coach, contact MeetCoach’s customer support team. They will investigate the matter to ensure the integrity and quality of our coaching services.

MeetCoach offers a wide range of sessions including career coaching, therapy, fitness coaching, and more. Our search function helps you easily find experts in your area of interest.

To delete your account, log in and select the delete option on your dashboard. This will remove all your information from our records.

In case of a disconnection, you’ll be billed only for the time spent before losing connection. You can then reconnect and rebook your coach for a continued session, ensuring fair billing.

MeetCoach offers licensed and credentialed therapists who are certified by their state’s board to provide online coaching and counseling. However, it's not a complete replacement for in-person therapy. Coaches on MeetCoach won’t be able to make any official diagnosis, to fulfill court orders, or prescribe medications.